With our simple to use drag and drop iPad tool, SmartPlan is the easiest and quickest way to measure a roof from anywhere in minutes. Just download it onto your iPad and have instant access to any roof anywhere in the country on a pay as you go basis.

Measure Every Type of Roof

We know every roof is different, and SmartPlan gives you the tools to measure them all. SmartPlan is the only roof measuring application to feature predetermined, adjustable roof shapes that can instantly be dropped on a site via our Simple Shapes option. For more complex roofs, use our Line + Flexible Shapes option that gives you more measuring freedom.

Spend Time With Clients,
Not Software

Your time is valuable and SmartPlan is designed with that in mind. Enter your site address manually or via the GPS locator to instantly view the roof. All previous measurements are stored locally and can be backed up to iCloud.

One Click Reports

Never worry about mislabeling a report or forgetting it in your office as you head out to see a homeowner. With SmartPlan, generate professional, detailed measurement reports in seconds. With just a tap, email reports to clients, insurance companies, or even yourself. You can even create and print PDF copies if needed.

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