With full integration to Microsoft Outlook, Google, and iPhone calendar systems, scheduling has never been simpler. Track and assign appointments both through CompuTool Connect and Mobile.

An Expansive View

CompuTool Connect’s scheduling features will simplify the way you do business and help you better organize your time. With CompuTool Connect's Calendar features, you will no longer have to keep track of appointments and meetings via multiple spreadsheets, or wonder if a salesperson will remember upcoming events. CompuTool’s Calendar provides a quick snapshot of all appointments and events for your entire office.

Log into CompuTool Connect to view and update your individual appointments wherever they are recorded. Manage the calendars of your entire team, set reminders for them for upcoming events, create new appointments, and track completed appointments all using the centralized calendar system.

A Powerful Scheduling System

Full integration to Microsoft Outlook, Google, and the iPhone calendar systems means that scheduling has never been easier. Site visits, service calls, and sales appointment scheduling are all just a click away.

Calendar triggers immediately notify your sales team when a new appointment is created under their name and allows for on the field updates directly through CompuTool Mobile.

Assign and Track Employee Tasks

Stay on top of your staff and ensure that tasks are done on a timely basis via our Task Assignment Manager. The Task Assignment Manager makes it easy for you to create specific, recurring tasks for you and your entire staff as well as one time tasks for any project. Create start and end dates along with the expected duration of the task, then easily add an employee to the task and track their progress.

Full Integration with CompuTool Mobile

Seamlessly transfer appointments created in the field to the centralized calendar system or alternatively set-up appointments centrally for your staff. By using CompuTool Mobile you now have multiple pocket calendar systems all linked to your central CompuTool Calendar.

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