CompuTool Connect's marketing tools use a combination of industry proven techniques for generating more business and integrate a powerful reporting system.

Customized Documents

Always provide a professional image to clients with CompuTool Connect's specifically designed document templates. Our templates have been built with the residential construction trade in mind, and reflect it via an easy to read aesthetic that presents all the necessary information.

Document and E-Mail Triggers

Documentation triggers allows for templates to be automatically created once certain milestones are hit. The ability to customized the triggers even further allow you to set how long after a milestone is reached should a document be created, if it should be emailed to a client, as well as whether you want a PDF copy created in conjunction.

Robust Reporting Engine

Through CompuTool Connect's reporting engine, valuable insight into your business is just a click away. Get insight of your business through key metrics and make sense of them in our easy to view reporting format. A varied list of available reports allows you to track your sales, customer interactions, and team, all through easy to use and understand reports.

Financial Forecasting

With reports geared specifically towards sale forecasting, CompuTool Connect gives you a clear insight into your prospective revenue. Analyze the number of converted leads per day, month, or year, and see what advertising approach has worked best.

Customer Reports

CompuTool Connect's reporting ability extends past just showing you sales data. Have the ability to view a report based off your customer data that will display all interactions with customers for the set period of time.

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