The core of all the business you do is where you do it, and our jobsite management tool allows you to maintain detailed information about each of your customers’ sites.

Site Manager

Instead of flipping through various different screens to access a single piece of the data, CompuTool Connect's Site Manager gives you total access to a job site’s data. Everything from measurement details, photos taken of the site, and full contact history for the homeowner is easily and quickly accessible. Review and log any interactions or comments related to the site.

Quick Quote

CompuTool Connect comes with a simple to use and simple to set-up Quick Quote system, a fantastic way to close business quickly and in a professional manner. With a few pre-decided variables you can instantly provide your customers with an emailed quote for multiple job types.

To-Do Lists

Create your To-Do lists on site through CompuTool Mobile and manage them in the Command Center. Our To-Do list feature is linked to each jobsite and can be shared or scheduled to other staff through the Command Center.


Fully integrated to CompuTool Mobile is the ability to document and upload pictures from your jobsite. Use it as an excellent sales aid with "before and after" shots or simply a better means to document your work.

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