CompuTool Connect starts where all business begins – with your customers. A simple to use interface allows you to quickly capture and track customer data in a way that not only makes sense to you, but also allows for proper information retrieval and customer tracking.

Designed with You in Mind

CompuTool Connect understands the importance of having an easy, structured workflow to manage all your data in a way that makes sense to the residential construction trade. Streamline your entire contact list using CompuTool Connect's robust Contact Manager which provides you all the important client information at a single glance.

Stay Connected

Staying in touch with a client is important and can be a time consuming part of every project. Use CompuTool Connect to track the interactions you have with the client- whether they be via email, phone, or face to face. Use CompuTool Mobile to not only centralize and control all your mobile phone communications, but also integrate your full phone contact list for easy management. Stay connected to your clients through an interface that allows for calling out, sending emails and text messages all directly from the Mobile application itself.

Group Your Contacts

There are a multitude of people you talk to and interact on a daily basis. Organize and manage all your contacts easily thanks to our Contact Groups feature. Employees, Homeowners, Manufacturers, all can be separated into their own preset groups. Don't see a group listed? It's easy and fast to create a brand new group based off your daily interactions.

Track Your Leads

CompuTool Connect provides you a quick access point to all your contacts and leads, giving you a quick, easy to follow overview as you take a potential lead and transform it into a sale. Have proper categorization of leads and easy conversion tracking.

CompuTool Mobile

Collecting data from your customers could not be easier than using CompuTool Mobile. Easily import all the information already sitting on your phone and categorize your contacts. Enter new data only once through CompuTool Mobile and it appears within the CompuTool Connect system.

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