Command Center

A centralized back office system that gives you complete control of your business, so much so that we dubbed it the Command Center. Track and manage employees, set specific company metrics, and determine rights and roles for your staff all from one single access point.

Rights and Roles

We know that your staffing needs are fluid and ever changing, and CompuTool Connect’s Account Manager makes it easy to add and remove user’s rights on the fly as their role in the company changes. Customize the CompuTool Connect experience for your staff by assigning and removing rights. Through Account Manager you can determine who can approve estimates, review contracts, assign leads, and much more.

CompuTool Connect also includes pre-built roles for often used staff positions. Save time and hassle by quickly picking from your pool of employees and assigning them canvassing, salespersons, and office manager roles, already included with the necessary rights. Tailor CompuTool Connect even more so by creating roles specific to your company and save them for future use.

Company Settings

We know that every company is different, and Company Manager helps you to individualize CompuTool Connect to your specifications. Set third party integration access, homeowner and contact rating metrics, along with cost and fee margins.

Create and manage your referral system directly from CompuTool Connect. Determined points to dollar ratios for employees, homeowners, and general contractors.


CompuTool Connect allows for easy management of all company communication. Stay connected to your field based staff and send messages from within CompuTool Connect. Email and text notifications can be received and sent directly from CompuTool Mobile, ensuring that there's a strong link between staff in your office and in the field.

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