CompuTool Connect’s advanced modules effortlessly expand the Base offering by giving you all the tools necessary to run your growing business at your own pace. With the ability to grow into the Advanced offering, you'll never find yourself paying for a system with multiple features that are not applicable to your core business model.

QuickBooks Integration

Maintain complete and up-to-date customer information across all departments through our QuickBooks integration. Synchronize customers and suppliers data, and export the products, quotes, invoices, and sales order data from CompuTool Connect to QuickBooks.


Move beyond Quick Quotes by adding workflow processes to CompuTool Connect that cover specific niche areas such as interior, exterior, and kitchen and bath contractors. Leveraging our relationship with Craftsman for our costing data, we have built an extremely powerful, regional estimating system that can even be used to create detailed and automated Purchase Orders.

Order Fullfillment Solutions

Streamline your ordering process through CompuTool's purchase order and work order modules. Create, track, and edit purchase and work orders in a quick and automated process without switching to multiple screens.

Production Scheduling

Keep track of all your jobs and projects through the addition of a fully featured production board. Review tasks, salespersons, and vendors attached to a project and make changes in real time. Save time and energy by automating and standardizing many of the standard processes.

Enhanced Marketing Packs

Computool Connect Packages offer a customized system designed for specific residential construction trades. Designed by the best in each contractor's niche, these advanced offerings set you up with the necessary workflows and modules beyond the base package to succeed in your specific field.

CompuTool Grows with You

As your company grows, wouldn’t it be nice to have software that could grow with it? CompuTool Marketplace provides a destination point from which to expand the CompuTool Connect experience.

Adding more users and integrating add-ons is a simple process that can be done through any computer. With just a click of the mouse, CompuTool Connect can immediately gain new features and more user licenses.

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