The Purpose-Built Customer, Leads, and Jobsite Management Solution For The Construction Industry.

CompuTool Connect is a game changing industry-built application suite to empower the residential construction trades.

By arming your team with the newest technology that connects you to your customers, you will be able to track your business from the lead all the way to project. The days of yellow pads and spreadsheets from yesterday are gone, and a new today of a connected solution available in the palm of your hand or at your computer is here.

CompuTool Connect will grow as your business grows, by offering easily upgradeable add-ons. Whether you want to add more advanced reporting or integration to QuickBooks, we have you and your business covered.

The Base Offering:

CompuTool Connect starts where all business truly begins – with your customers. A simple to use interface allows you to quickly capture and track customer data in a way that makes sense to the residential construction trades.

Jobsites are at the center of all the business you do, and CompuTool Connect allows you to easily manage not only your customers, but also maintain and quickly access detailed information about all their jobsites.

Track and manage employees, set specific company metrics, and determine rights and roles for your staff all from a centralized location. It’s more than just an administration system, it’s your Command Center.

Make the most out of your data by using simple, industry proven techniques designed to drive more business. Feel relieved knowing that you can automatically email customers by setting certain triggers for them throughout the sales cycle.

With integration to your calendar, scheduling has never been simpler. Track and assign appointments both through CompuTool Connect and CompuTool Mobile for yourself, your staff or even your sub-contractors.

CompuTool Mobile is the field version of CompuTool Connect, available for iPhone and iPad. You can access all your contacts, provide instant on-sites quotes, collect key sales and job information, capture before and after pictures, create to-do lists, and more.

Available to all CompuTool Connect customers is our unique roof measurement offering, CompuTool SmartPlan. As a separate download for your iPad, Smartplan allows you to instantly measure any roof by using satellite images and dropping pre-designed shapes on top of the picture.

CompuTool Connect focuses on the customer and the jobsite, but as you grow your business we know you will want more. Full estimating, creating automated purchase orders and even QuickBooks integration is all available through our Marketplace.

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